Cost Containment Services - Bill Negotiation


Be proactive by using Lien On Me to pre-negotiate fees or to negotiate extraordinary, unusual, and costly bills before you pay. Why not circumvent liens... period!

Lien on Me has performed bill negotiations for its clients since the inception of our medical bill review program. We have recognized the need to offer this type of service as a standalone product. This service can be used in conjunction with your current bill review program to help achieve a greater overall savings.Additional services offered:

NEGOTIATION EXPERTISE:  We combine the fields of medicine and law, as well as software technology and a proprietary database to offer comprehensive medical bill negotiations. Because of our unique background in the lien defense and medical bill review, negotiations are not based solely on percentages of the billed charges. Other factors include legal arguments, interpretations of law, knowledge of medical coding, bundling of procedures, etc. Our bill negotiations are able to provide intelligent negotiations at a low cost.   

PROSPECTIVE NEGOTIATIONS:  Given the utilization review regulations in California, we have created a hybrid service by engaging in prospective negotiations where we know in advance that a medical procedure is going to be performed. By negotiating upfront, providers are more willing to lower their fees because payment for their services will be prompt and not at issue.

RETROSPECTIVE NEGOTIATIONS:  On selected bills, we will engage in a negotiation process with medical providers and facilities after the services have been rendered. In an event our staff recognizes that the full savings hasn't been captured, we conduct further research using our expertise and proprietary database and contact the provider to negotiate a fee reduction. In many cases, this service has captured huge additional savings for our customers.