Cost Containment Services - Lien Defense

Excess reserves, higher premiums, added workloads and endless phone calls are just the beginning of the list of headaches associated with claims lingering due to unresolved liens.

Lien On Me, Inc. handles all aspects regarding lien defense from telephone negotiations to lien litigation, from issuing specific and appropriate objection letters to filing Petitions for Reconsideration, and everything in between.

Claims administrators can resolve liens; however, they are time consuming and distracting for the adjusters diverting their time away from administering benefits.  Liens are a specialty unto themselves with the ever-changing laws and cases.  Lien On Me, Inc. is abreast with current case law, legislative and regulatory changes, and fee schedule disputes to properly defend against liens.

Our Lien Defense representatives bring all of this knowledge to the table when reviewing, negotiating and litigating outstanding liens.

Our goal, like yours, is to resolve all the liens on a particular file as quickly and inexpensively as possible knowing that it may include litigation, which is at no additional cost.  Subsequently, the outcomes you can expect from Lien On Me, Inc. include:


Our proprietary computer system was designed to track liens and can generate reports showing savings, outstanding liens and settled liens, as well as other ad hoc reports that can be utilized to assist in your claims reserving.

Lien On Me, Inc. strives to provide our clients the most comprehensive Lien representation possible while realizing the highest potential savings.  We are proud to state that Lien On Me, Inc. saves our clients over 75% Gross savings year after year.